About me

Photographer and practicing artist, my cameras are my loyal companions wherever I am.

My passion and inspiration lie within Nature, I react to the physical and emotional qualities of the environment I choose to immerse myself in; feeling, seeing, imagining…always at the centre of all compositions.

Sometimes attracted by the smallest details, the lines, the textures, sometimes overwhelmed by the sublime power of the natural world, sometimes creating an abstracted image from natural elements, I hope to engage with the viewer, start a conversation and encourage the freedom of interpretation.

Deeply concerned about our environment and the growing challenges our world is facing, I find in photography a voice and a platform for a reflection and a mean to share my emotions and my views.

My projects often encompass concepts of journeys and memory; my interpretation is often abstracted and always quite emotional.

I am passionate about traditional film photography and I use a Rolleiflex medium format camera, an old Zeiss Ikon Nettar (both square formats) as well as a 35mm film camera. I also use digital cameras.

Do not hesitate to contact me for any suggestion or information about my photography and if you wish to buy a print or two.

Thank you for stopping by!

Elise Mignon Weir