Little things

And here some photographs of details, little things that catch my eye and that I photograph just because I feel that they are  beautiful; the light might be really interesting like in the first woodland shot, or the contrast of textures and patterns with the two delicate butterflies on raw wood. I have always been attracted by wild weeds, meadow flowers – Again attracted by the geometry in the composition, the energy of the lines, the shapes and texture; here these photographs of wild plants and flowers were taken in the Alps, in the Dolomites region of Italy.

All these photographs were taken with my canon EOS 1V / 35mm film camera – I use Ilford films, these were shot with a 400 ISO film. The negative have been scanned so to be able to post the images on this website.


CNV00042   5M5A5985-2



5M5A5976Little things